Neighborhood Links & Info

Nearly every neighborhood in Seattle and the surrounding area has its own websites and online neighborhood resources. These are not only a fun tool for current residents, but are also great for househunters to get a “feel” for different areas from the comfort of their own computers.

Here is a small sampling of links from some of my favorite areas in Seattle and beyond.

Ballard links community blog
Ballard Neighborhood Guide
Ballard News-Tribune
Ballard restaurants

Beacon Hill links

Beacon Hill blog
Mid Beacon Hill blog
North Beacon Hill blog
Beacon Hill restaurants and businesses

Broadview links

Broadview Community Council
Broadview then and now
Broadview businesses

Capitol Hill links

Capitol Hill wiki
Capitol Hill blog
Capitol Hill restaurants

Columbia City links

Columbia City wiki
Columbia City businesses

Edmonds links

City of Edmonds website
Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

Fremont links

Fremont Chamber of Commerce
Fremont blog

Greenlake links

Webtowns: Greenlake
Greenlake businesses

Magnolia links

Magnolia Chamber of Commerce
Magnolia blog

Phinney Ridge links

Phinney Neighborhood Association
PhinneyWood blog

Queen Anne links

Queen Anne View blog
Queen Anne Historical Association
Queen Anne restaurants

West Seattle links

West Seattle Chamber of Commerce
West Seattle blog
West Seattle Herald